Angkor Thom Gateway, Domnang Pin, 1992
14"x17" oil on cloth, collection of:
Cambodian Mutual Assistance Assoc.
Lowell, Massachusetts


Cambodian Contemporary Visual Arts

The goal of this website is to make known the works of contemporary Cambodian artists, both in Cambodia and in Diaspora. Collaborative interactions between Cambodian and non-Cambodian artists are also included. It is hoped that this study will help communicate the story of modern Cambodia to a broad public. The site is also an archive of Cambodian visual arts from the late 20th century on.

The rich cultural heritage of Cambodia was nearly lost during the horrific destruction and genocide wrought by the Khmer Rouge during the "Killing Fields" of 1975-1979. The survivors, whether they have remained in Cambodia or have emigrated to other countries, carry both the deep scars of their war experience and a lasting pride in their cultural roots. The arts play a particularly important role in helping Cambodians reclaim their heritage and heal their souls for an emerging renaissance.

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National Flag of Cambodia

Parts of this website are created in coordination with the Cambodian Artist Assistance Project (CAAP) and the Cambodian Master Performers Project (CMPP). CAAP originated through the vision of the Cambodian artist Domnang Pin, who graduated from the Cambodian School of Fine Arts in 1989 and who emigrated to the United Stated in 1990. In 1995, working with fellow Cambodian Saroem Phoung and activist Joyce Brabner, he helped organized CAAP. The focus of the organization was to make known the works of contemporary Cambodian Artist and help raise funds for them. In 2001 CAAP became part of CMPP, which was begun in 1998 by Arn Chorn-Pond. Correspondence for CAAP and CMPP may be sent to Alan Morgan, c/o Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association , 165 Jackson Street, Lowell, MA 01852.